Muji-style Living Room (Wilton Tower Showroom, China)
Muji-style Living Room (Wilton Tower Showroom, China)
Muji-style Living Room (Wilton Tower Showroom, China)
Muji-style Living Room (Wilton Tower Showroom, China)
Muji-style Living Room (Wilton Tower Showroom, China)


Muji-style Living Room (Wilton Tower Showroom, China)

Wilton tower show units is high-end housing developemnt located in Guang Zhou, Haizhu China. Tropical concept was applied to contrast with the high-end corperate office and shopping mall surrounding which rendered with curtain wall and aluminium cladding façade, given warmer interior atmosphese to the enduser even centered by a ‘cool’ cityscape view.

The International target aim will be separate based on countries
1- Drafting- Australia, Singapore, UK,US
2- Design- Cambodia , Vietnam, Taiwan, hongkong, indonesia-(or we can focus on cities only)


The Muji-Style Living Room

The Muji-style living room is minimalist and serene. This is achieved through a minimalist colour palette and the use of natural elements. It also features simple furniture and plenty of storage.

The Muji style is inspired by Japanese Zen culture. Muji-style homes are usually decorated with light wooden elements and muted colours. Often, there are hints of grey or black. They have a clean and contemporary look.

Many homeowners like the idea of Muji-style living rooms because it emphasizes functionality and versatility. These minimalist living rooms are usually furnished with wooden minimalist furniture and feature built-in storage solutions that make organizing and tidying up easy.

A Muji-style living room consists of a white colour palette and minimal furniture. This includes a floor seating area and a low coffee table. Other essentials include a TV console and a dining table. Some MUJI-style living rooms use a curved bay window as an accent wall. If you want to add colour, you can consider using a light purple sofa and a dark-brown accent colour.

Natural light is a key element of a Muji-style living room. A big glass sliding door connects the indoors and outdoors. Use curtains to allow natural light to come in throughout the day. Also, consider adding a few plants to purify the air and create a soothing and calming environment.

One of the most important features of a Muji-style living space is the use of wood. The wood used for furniture and flooring is very important in the design of a Muji-style home. Wood is also used for partition elements, such as a sliding door.

To achieve a MUJI-style interior, focus on quality and practicality. Look for minimalist furnishings, which are made from quality materials. In addition, choose a colour palette that complements the materials in your home. While it is possible to use bright and colourful decorations, they often clash with the subtleness of a muji-style living room.

The Muji-style living room is a great place to showcase your creative juices. With a clear focus on functionality and versatility, you can create a living space that suits your lifestyle and personality. Whether you prefer a Japanese-inspired design or a non-Japanese style, you can find the ideal pieces for your home.

Creating a MUJI-style living space doesn't require you to buy expensive furniture. You can use second-hand items or shop around to find a good deal. There are many refurbished furniture stores that carry high-quality Muji-style furniture.

A Muji-style living space is clean and organized, featuring no frills. Furniture in this style is usually made from plywood or solid hardwood. When you shop around for new furniture, keep in mind that you won't find the same high-quality, long-lasting products that are found in the original Muji store.

Creating a MUJI-style home requires a few essential elements. Aside from wood and neutral colours, look for multi-functional furniture that can be transformed depending on your needs. Such furniture includes a TV console that doubles as storage, a beanbag that can act as a chair or a TV console, and a raised seating platform that can be used as a study corner or guest area.

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