Modern Balinese Style Interior Design (Eco Hill Indonesia)
Modern Balinese Style Interior Design (Eco Hill Indonesia)
Modern Balinese Style Interior Design (Eco Hill Indonesia)
Modern Balinese Style Interior Design (Eco Hill Indonesia)
Modern Balinese Style Interior Design (Eco Hill Indonesia)


Modern Balinese Style Interior Design (Eco Hill Indonesia)

Zcube was invited to design the high-end semi-D housing development at EcoHill Indonesia. Rich of Indonesia wood and culture yet revealing the international DNA design to open the property market in Jakarta towards international level for the developer.

The International target aim will be separate based on countries
1- Drafting- Australia, Singapore, UK,US
2- Design- Cambodia , Vietnam, Taiwan, hongkong, indonesia-(or we can focus on cities only)


Modern Balinese Style Interior Design

Balinese interior design is a popular choice for modern homes. With a strong sense of balance and harmony, it is often used to highlight natural materials and craftsmanship. This style also incorporates traditional elements into its design. For instance, bamboo and other natural materials are often paired with modern touches to create a unique and beautiful home.

The modern Balinese style is inspired by the island of Bali, where tropical greenery is abundant and the spirituality is spread through organic and handmade crafts. The decor style is characterized by natural handcrafted furniture, rattan and woven textiles, and the use of tropical-themed dinnerware. It also includes a large use of art and indoor plants.

To make the most of a Bali-inspired home, it is important to understand the basic concepts of this style. You should also look for ways to incorporate your own tropical touch. A key element to this style is the use of light fabrics and tactile cushions. Linen curtains and crisp cotton sheets can add a recognizable aesthetic touch to your furnishings.

Whether you want to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen, or an elegant bathroom with a bold color, you can find the perfect Bali style decor for your home. Whether you are a business owner or just looking to add a little extra flair to your home, this stylish, versatile, and holistic approach to interior design can help you achieve the space you need.

For this project, the Decorilla team matched a client with two designers. Their goal was to give this coastal apartment the resort-style vibes the homeowner wanted. They were able to do this by using a variety of materials, including bamboo, wood, and stone.

Courtney used a light neutral color palette and organic textures to bring the tropical-inspired vibes to life. She utilized layered area rugs to give the room a whimsical feel. These rugs anchor the coffee table and dining table, and pop against white tiles. Natural materials like stone and bamboo are also used to ground the bright colours.

For an outdoor-in, you can use natural stones and weathered timber finishes. Pair these with a bright colour, and you've created the perfect outdoor space for your home.

Another great way to showcase your love of tropical decor is through the use of a seagrass basket. This is a perfect way to hide clutter, while still presenting a beautiful indoor plant. Also, bamboo and other natural materials can be planted as wildflowers along walls.

In addition, you can enhance your Balinese-inspired decor with a variety of accessories. This may include shells, figurines, and other decorative objects. Using a wicker chair or stool can also bring the look together.

You can find inspiration for your own interior design by browsing through online sites, or getting in touch with the team at Decorilla. Once you've determined the aesthetic you're after, you can start shopping for the items that will bring your vision to life. From custom-made table tops and countertops, to unique lighting and accent pieces, you can re-create the Bali look in your own home.

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