Cooperate Office Interior Design (MLDC Office)
Cooperate Office Interior Design (MLDC Office)
Cooperate Office Interior Design (MLDC Office)
Cooperate Office Interior Design (MLDC Office)
Cooperate Office Interior Design (MLDC Office)
Cooperate Office Interior Design (MLDC Office)
Cooperate Office Interior Design (MLDC Office)


Cooperate Office Interior Design (MLDC Office)

Client : CCCG
Scale : 1200 SQFT
Location : Menara World Wide
Duration : 12 Weeks
Status : Completed
Cost : 600k
Type : Consultancy

The International target aim will be separate based on countries
1- Drafting- Australia, Singapore, UK,US
2- Design- Cambodia , Vietnam, Taiwan, hongkong, indonesia-(or we can focus on cities only)

If you are considering an office renovation or redesign, consider hiring a professional designer to help you choose the right colors and furniture. The right interior design will enhance productivity, improve employees' health, and increase morale. A professional designer can also analyze your space and provide you with a comprehensive plan of action.

One of the most interesting aspects of modern office design is the use of natural lighting. This is often achieved through the use of glass panels. Creating a space with this type of lighting is a great way to create a bright, airy environment.

Another way to add a touch of nature to your work area is through the use of indoor gardens. These can include plants, rocks, and water. Creating an outdoor terrace or even a wooden bridge can make an office feel more natural and refreshing.

An office can also be made more interesting with the addition of colorful and fun wall graphics. A company may even want to display paintings or other artwork of nature. However, it is important to keep the general theme of the office in mind. Some offices work better with a more geometric design.

A few of the more popular office interior design trends include using lighter color schemes, incorporating geometric shapes into the design, and using a variety of decorative elements. For instance, you can have pillows with a bright color or even use an LED light to illuminate an open area. Using different decor will help you differentiate between different rooms.

Whether you are looking for a redesign or just an update, you can find the perfect colors and furnishings through Katie Anderson Interior Design Consultants. She provides the right color temperature to your office, and can also answer your questions regarding your lighting needs.

For example, you might want to incorporate a few window stickers that depict cityscapes into your design. This will give your office a more urban feel. You can also choose window stickers that display your company's logo, name, or other information. Adding these types of signs to your workspace can make your work area more functional and inviting to your employees.

For example, one of the most important things that you can do to make your workplace safer is to install hand sanitizing stations. In addition, you might want to create room capacity limits. This can be a great way to let employees know that they are not allowed to overcrowd their desks or the rest of the room.

You can also incorporate a variety of other design aspects into your workspace. The best designs use simple, yet stylish, materials to bring the office to life. Several businesses have chosen easy to clean surfaces and components.

While some offices choose bold colors and patterns, many offices opt for a more muted palette that includes neutrals and other hues. Light wood appearances are a popular choice. Various pops of color can complement these darker shades to create a warm, inviting, and positive atmosphere.

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